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  2. But what's the reason for doing this? What's the overall goal? If you look the code that saves crash report files (i.e. calls CrashReport#saveToFile), you'll see that the server uses MinecraftServer#getDataDirectory as the parent directory of the crash-reports directory and the client uses Minecraft#mcDataDir.
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  3. This should be tricky, as items placed in slot are rendered in fixed size. I'm afraid that you might have to override the rendering code of GuiContainer.
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  4. So it's client->server update from the gui. You need to implement tileentity syncing. I think this post will cover your case. You can manually read the data from the update packet with TileEntity#onDataPacket. Use it if you don't want readFromNBT to do the work. (e.g. update packet has a different format)
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  5. Override TileEntity::getRenderBoundingBox to return appropriate size of the rendered object. If it's about rendering, you are not marking the TE as updated for rendering. I think you should call World#markAndNotifyBlock. (The flag parameter is explained on World#setBlockState)
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