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  1. No. They actually put in the time to make every texture pixel by pixel. I have tried so many ways to convert to 32x32 with a click but I couldn't as it would always come out blurry no matter what I do. I have adopted the 32x32 Faithful and I have now become a master at texturing that style! That's why I can code and texture for my mod
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  2. For my mod I just make my textures Faithful 32x32 because 16x16 just looks non-HD and overall bad quality
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  3. Just start with a 32x32 image, why start at 8x8 and then try to upscale it? *edit: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Creating_a_resource_pack
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  4. No. Stop. writeToNbt and readFromNbt are for saving to disk. Server-side. If you want to sync stuff to the client (assuming you want to use the vanilla mechanic, which uses NBT), you need to override a couple of methods (warning, this is a giant mess): getUpdateTag - Returns the data that should be sent to the client on initial chunk load (i.e. when it gets into render distance, etc.). Call super here and put whatever data you need to have available on the client in the NBTTagCompound returned from super. Then return it. handleUpdateTag - Called on the client with whatever tag was
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