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  1. No. Your IMessage classes must have a public no-parameters constructor. You need to remember on the server for each player whether they are currently pressing the button or not. You can do this using capabilities. When the packet arrives, you store the current state in the player's capability. In your ItemBlock you can then access the capability of the player placing the block. "ml" is a terrible mod ID (and network channel). It should be "morelayers".
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  2. Have you tried running a server-instance in Eclipse? By default, annotated event-handlers are registered on both the Server & Client side, but this code deals with Client-Side only code. You need to add value=Side.CLIENT to the annotation to make sure that this EventHandler is only run on the client. Oh, and you shouldn't acronym your modid. What if someone else makes a mod called "magic lore" etc and decide to shorten their modid as well... It won't look pretty, is all I'll say.
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  3. man, you are a hero! I have searched for this for ages
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  4. EDIT - Figured out the sprite thing. The ResourceLocations had .png when they shouldnt
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