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  1. I think there are two types of people who don't post enough information to get the help they need: 1) people who think that the "experts" on the forum magically know all the answers off the top of their heads, 2) people who think that their mod is so special that they are worried about people stealing it. For type #1, I try to educate them that experts are mostly people that are just really good at researching. Even if we think we know the answer, we usually double-check our information because programming is about being exact -- the name of the method has to be exactly right, and
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  2. Successfully trolled expert modder
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  3. Which is fired for EVERY key that's pressed EVERY time its pressed. You should not use it. Use the ClientTickEvent
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  4. Code style, issue 2. You call damageItem in multiple places. Simply don't call it when you don't want the item to take damage.
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  5. Of course it doesn't, because this event is only fired on client, so you can get the client player "Minecraft.getMinecraft().player" as usual.
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  6. also put registerRender in ModelRegistryEvent using Subscribe Events so that it gets called at the proper time
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  7. For whoever is struggling with this like i did: private static final UUID setSpeedUUID = UUID.fromString("015ad548-47e6-11e8-842f-0ed5f89f718b"); double speed = 0.1D; int operations = 0; (explained below in quote) String name = 'anything here'; IAttributeInstance movement = player.getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.MOVEMENT_SPEED); //Player is EntityPlayerMP or EntityPlayer AttributeModifier setSpeedBonus = new AttributeModifier(setSpeedUUID, name, Math.abs(speed), operations); if(movement.getModifier(setSpeedUUID) != null) { movement.removeAllModifiers(); }
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