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  1. Yes, of course it is possible to create an installer that merely copies a file to the mods folder. No, you should not do this. If your friends are unwilling to copy a file into the mods folder then I'd suggest you tell them to stop being lazy.
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  2. I managed to figure it out. I had my @EventBusSubscriber wrong (had to subscribe to the client-specific bus for the FMLCommonSetupEvent). Because of that, the event handler wasn't firing, so the instance of the capability was never being injected with a value, so it was still null when I tried to use it. @Draco18s also, you were right. I was just passing an instance of my ILifeForce, when I needed to pass it a supplier. I ended up using a lambda supplier: @SubscribeEvent public static void onCommonSetupEvent(FMLCommonSetupEvent event) { CapabilityManager.INSTANCE.register(I
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  3. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/6455
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  4. The basic entity size (width and height) is defined when you create the EntityType registry object (example). This was also the case in 1.12.2, and hasn't really changed. This width & height is used to set up the entity's bounding box in Entity#setPosition(), which is used for the vast majority of entities (other than paintings, picture frames, leash knots and shulkers, which have their own setPosition() implementations). This bounding box is centred on the entity's X/Z position, with the Y position at the bottom of the bounding box (e.g. your player bounding box is centered
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  5. Update Regarding LTS System: Please read The Big Forge Update Earlier this year, 1.13 was announced and the snapshots started coming out, the update was relatively small, but enough to be a hurdle for mod developers. This combined with 1.12 stabilizing, and a few fundamental Java changes that broke modding in general, made the Forge team decide to use this opportunity and work on cleaning the years of technical debt that Forge had accrued. During this time, it was discovered that a lot of things needed updating. In fact, well, everything did. And so, it was done, a
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  6. Scroll up. Also I don’t understand why me literally offering helpful advice to other people coming across this is met with “that’s a shit method” and “don’t mess with it at all”. Like geez, if you know a better way then feel free to contribute, but simply getting complaining isn’t contributing anything.
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  7. I’d welcome any examples of a better way to do this?
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  8. For anyone else looking for this in the future, create mixins for net.minecraft.network.NetworkManager like so: @Inject(method = "sendPacket(Lnet/minecraft/network/Packet;)V", at = @At("HEAD"), cancellable = true) private void onSendPacket(Packet<?> packet, CallbackInfo callbackInfo) { //System.out.println("Packet Sent: " + packet.toString()); PacketSent event = new PacketSent(packet); MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.post(event); if (event.isCanceled() && callbackInfo.isCancellable()) { callbackInfo.cancel(); } packet = event.packet; } @Inject(method = "channelRead0", at
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