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  1. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a more modern version of Minecraft (1.14+) to receive support.
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  2. compile fg.deobf("blank:filename:fileversion") should do what you need. Make sure the libs/ is added as a flatDir repo. The blank is needed, but it is ignored. Filename and fileversion are both taken from the actual name of the file, made by turning the last "-" character into a ":" - this usually means the typical "modid-1.15.2-1.0.jar" file becomes "blank:modid-1.15.2:1.0". This creates a maven coordinate, which ForgeGradle uses to find the file. It will likely not work without this.
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  3. You're misunderstanding the system. MCP itself is dead, we took the mappings and tweaked the format to make MCPConfig, which provides Forge's SRG->MCP names. mcpbot's purpose was to allow users to contribute to these MCPConfig mappings. Unfortunately, mcpbot is unmaintained, and with the huge amounts of technical debt acquired, plus the maintainer/creator going dark for a while, we're making a new system to replace it. That's what the Mod Mapping Management System is. It replaces mcpbot, which was designed to allow you to contribute to MCPConfig mappings. T
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  4. It's probably a misaligned patch in the 1.16.2 update I did yesterday. I'll take a look when it get a chance.
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  5. (And I assume that "commonnamespace" is not literally "commonnamespace" but something identifiable to your mod.)
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