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  1. I have already registered the ore and it's in the game, I just want to know how I get the ore to generate like coal, iron, gold, and diamonds.
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  2. Yes, the method should be static though. You won't see any issues in a standalone, but with other mods it will bottleneck other features from generating due to how codecs are handled with unregistered objects.
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  3. I have the same questions. From what I gathered from this reply I made a ModFeatures class, where I register the ConfiguredFeatures, however how do I attach it to the BiomeLoadingEvent? I tried using the deferred registries the same way I did for blocks and items but it errors out because the block to generate isn't registered yet, even tho I am calling the register method in the Features Deferred Register after the Blocks Deferred Register
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  4. 1. Create a ConfiguredFeature and register it (look at the Features class for examples). 2. Attach it via BiomeLoadingEvent (read the javadocs on the event as applicable to your situation).
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  5. Don't really wanna pump this thread but, what are those and how do you use them? I would really love to know that for a few mods that I am going to make
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