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  1. You can access the MainWindow in Minecraft, then get the height and width from of it.
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  2. The class you are searching for reference is called IngameGui. To draw things like mana bars on the screen you can use the RenderGameOverlayEvent
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  3. there is no json file, the model is defined in the class itself look at the Bell TER constructor
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  4. I suggest you take a look here to see how entity spawn eggs were implemented: - ModSpawnEggItem class: https://github.com/Beethoven92/BetterEndForge/blob/master/src/main/java/mod/beethoven92/betterendforge/common/item/ModSpawnEggItem.java - Item registration: https://github.com/Beethoven92/BetterEndForge/blob/fdccc01fa313add14dce86b9cc59cf37173ab0a1/src/main/java/mod/beethoven92/betterendforge/common/init/ModItems.java#L92 If you have any doubts on how the code works just ask
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  5. I don't think regular spawn eggs work with deferred register. The item registration happens before entities so when registering the spawn egg the entity registry object is no present. Try taking out the spawn egg code and it should work fine. Here is an additional thread on registering entities with deferred register. It also goes over what needs to be done to make spawn eggs work. It is for 1.15.1 but should work pretty well with 1.16.5 as well.
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  6. Problem with "projectvibrantjourneys".
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