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  1. The latest version of the MDK is configured to use Mojang mappings by default. You can use forge-bot on the Forge discord to convert from MCP to Mojang names and vice versa.
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  2. Currently Supported Versions: Latest: 1.16.X LTS: 1.15.X User Support FAQ Modder Support FAQ and Common Issues We do not currently provide support or updates for any other versions except in cases of severe security issues. On LTS's: Forge's support for Minecraft versions will try to follow a predictable cycle, assuming Mojang also follows a predictable cycle. We will always actively target the latest Minecraft version as ever, however we will also support the most recent non-latest version as an "LTS" version. An LTS version diff
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  3. Since tags have replaced Ore Dictionary, I have decided to make quick cheat list of common tags that are used by mods such as IC2, Botania, Nuclear Craft etc. The idea of that is to keep everything clean and in one place so that modders don't have to go threw multiple projects if they want to find a specific tag. Here is the link to the list: https://github.com/Dente222/Minecraft-Forge-Tag-List Also sorry but I don't remember every Ore Dictionary tag so if there has been something removed, changed or I simply missed then feel free to suggest missing tags and any new tags
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