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  1. Xironite Minecraft Server [1.8.x – 1.17.x] Xironite is a server dedicated to interacting with our community through hosting events and listening to player feedback! Our main feature is Towny! Towny gives our players a chance to work together and try to make the largest town while recruiting more players to help them. If competition is more your speed, you can compete against other towns in a variety of contests! You can do anything you want, from creating the largest town with your friends to dominating the economy and skill leaderboards! Xironite also adds a tonne of features to Survival, making it feel fresh once again. From custom enchants and tools to dungeons and bosses that will test your skills, Xironite has plenty to keep you busy! On top of all that, our player ranks can be earned in-game through playtime and resource gathering. No need to pay for cool perks! Xironite is constantly evolving based on player feedback and ideas from our amazing management. Join now before you miss our next event! How to Join? Join now using our IP: mc.xironite.org Features Bosses Dungeons Crates & Lootbags Events Robust Anti-Cheat Friendly & Active Community Custom Enchants Custom Tools & Armour PyroMining & PyroFishing Player Feedback & Suggestions Custom Textures ...and much more! Social Media Discord Instagram TikTok YouTube
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  2. then you need to calculate it manually from the current and the last Entity Position
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  3. you can get the Entity speed by LivingEntity#getSpeed, you also can look at LivingEntity#getFrictionInfluencedSpeed
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