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  1. On 1/1/2017 at 6:15 PM, Bloodlustender said:

    So while "playing" minecraft with the custom npc's mod on I noticed that almost none of the custom skins I added to the mod actually worked!they would end up glitched out as shown here

    if you can please fix it soon that would be great because i'm doin minecraft RP's....anyway thanks!!!http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/Smileys/default/smiley.gif

    Somebody told me why! you need lowercase letters! any skins named with capital letters won't work

  2. ive got the same issue, but i dont know what causes it, but if this helps, only 3 of mine work, and there very similar, i wonder if theres any correlation, also all the skins seem to work in more player models, maybe theres a way to use that on mobs....

    wildcard 1.png

    wildcard 2 eclipsis gaurd.png

    wildcard 3 diamond.png

  3. Ok so i've been making skins for my npcs, they all worked, but when updated to 1.11 only 3 work, and there are 10 or so that dont, and just show the missing texture texture, as for the skins, they all are 64x64 and use the basic npc setting, I know that the skins aren't messed up because they work in MorePlayerModels. I've used both files and imgur for the skins but still to no avail, as only the same 3 skins will work! is there a fix for this? i have 2 skins as examples, the red hair one works while the other doesnt

    wildcard 3 diamond.png


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