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  1. I'm seeing an issue with BetterFoliage where you appear to have not installed its language loader.

    and SoundPhysics appears to be screwing up in a way that somehow prevents it own classes from loading... I have no idea how they managed that

  2. Forge isn't currently compatible with Java 16 due to a change in reflection restrictions.

    Forge for 1.17 should be compatible with Java 16 when it comes out, as that is the Java version Mojang will be shipping with the game then.

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  3. We don't have anyone on the dev team who uses an M1 Mac... in theory we could update pre-1.17 versions to the fixed versions of LWJGL, but we'd need someone who knows what they're doing to help make sure such a change would A) Work and B) Not screw anything else up

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