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  1. You can

    3 hours ago, Mark74 said:

    i want to install some mods in this server, but i don't know how to do it.

    This is accomplished by putting the mods in the server's mods folder.


    3 hours ago, Mark74 said:

    In the forge installer i have the option to install client, but when i want to install it in a folder in Disk D, there is an error : "The directory is missing a launcher profile. Please run the minecraft launcher first."

    You must install Forge to .minecraft (the default location) unless you are doing something funny with your launcher. This is NOT how you make separate instances of Forge.

  2. You can't expect us to support every version ever released ad infinitum.

    That doesn't sound like a valid reason to not upgrade, and if that is indeed your reasoning you would probably look at getting a better PC if you plan on playing games.

  3. Please provide the installer log. It will be named the same as the installer but with .log on the end:

    Installer: forge-<mc_version>-<forge_version>-installer.jar

    Log: forge-<mc_version>-<forge_version>-installer.jar.log


    Note: Windows hides file extensions by default, so unless you have set it to show file extensions it may show as below:

    Installer: forge-<mc_version>-<forge_version>-installer

    Log: forge-<mc_version>-<forge_version>-installer.jar

  4. Don't touch the runconfigs yourself. Update the values in build.gradle and then run the task again to regen the runconfigs.


    If that doesn't fix it, post your debug.log, build.gradle, and mods.toml on one of the sites listed in the logs section of my signature below. (my antivirus and ISP both block the site you used before)

  5. Such a thing would only work if the client is honest, and the client is capable of lying.

    This is the first step of an arms race that we've seen people on both sides ask about, we won't be giving recommendations.

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