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  1. The bit before the (MavenPublication) is simply the name of the publication.

    The bit inside the brackets is what gets published, GitHub is suggesting publishing everything built from Java, which may or may not be what you want, I recommend testing by publishing to mavenLocal or mcmodsrepo first.


    All in all GitHub Packages should just be a maven that requires authentication

  2. Lex has said that he'll poke around with it when he gets his Mac Mini... however until he gets it and starts poking around there is literally nothing any of us can do because none of us own Macs and we're not all that motivated to go out and buy something expensive, therefor giving money to the same company that broke what you're asking us to fix.

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  3. Uninstall every version of Java that you have and then reinstall whatever Java versions you need.

    Note: I don't mean reinstall them one by one I mean there needs to be a point where there is one version of Java left and it gets uninstalled so it will clear out shared stuff to be regenerated when you reinstall the new one.

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