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  1. I don't see how being required to use a specific computer for schoolwork means you need to use the same computer for modding,
    unless that means your school has modding as part of their curriculum which is usually a bad thing as they basically never stay up to date.

    Regardless, the process should be the same for all operating systems as long as you're using an IDE that has decent Gradle integration, just import the MDK as a Gradle project.

  2. Multithreading is not a magic solution to lag, there is no magic solution to lag.

    To be able to give you any more tips I'd need to know the mods you're using and your full system specs, including disk IO, as well as the nature of the lag

  3. To summarize: If you have Java installed correctly there is no difference to you (both work on double click), but making an exe is extra effort and annoyance for us.

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