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  1. MCreator is the rickety crutch of people with no knowledge of programming who want to mod minecraft, but do not have the dedication or patience to learn Java, and when that crutch breaks they come here with little to no knowledge of programming to ask for help, where they are inevitably disappointed (or even angered) by the answer of "learn Java and do it properly" as most issues they run into are trivial to fix when using a proper development environment.

  2. I'm not on this forum 24/7, I had to leave for work shortly after my last reply.

    Settings can also be found by clicking the triangle next to your name in the top right, it will be in the dropdown.

    Please list (or provide a screenshot of) the versions of Java that MMC detects on your computer.

  3. For Mojang:

    It launches but it will not run from what I see in that log, the fix is simply installing the required mod.


    For MultiMC:

    1. Settings
    2. Java
    3. Auto-Detect and select from the list

    For Twitch [Jar Launcher]:

    1. 3 Lines Top Left
    2. File
    3. Settings
    4. Minecraft
    5. Java Version (Rescan button is to the right of the dropdown)
  4. Mojang:


    [14:52:15] [Client thread/ERROR]: The mod actuallycomputers (ActuallyComputers) requires mods [OpenComputers] to be available

    [14:52:15] [Client thread/ERROR]: Mod actuallycomputers (ActuallyComputers) requires [OpenComputers@[1.6,)]

    You are missing a mod that another mod depends on.




    Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader cannot be cast to java.base/java.net.URLClassLoader

    MultiMC is trying to use a Java 9 or later, which is not supported, Forge requires Java 8 specifically.




    [14:57:57 INFO]: System.getProperty('java.version') == '10.0.2'

    Same deal as MMC

  5. The picture doesn't show your taskbar so there are a couple of details missing.

    When you say you have it in your taskbar and try to open it I assume you mean you see it on your taskbar but the window does not appear, so you click the icon to bring the window up.

    I think depending on the speed of your computer the command window may appear in the taskbar before it has finished starting, if you click the button to "Open a Command Prompt here" and nothing appears to happen immediately, try leaving it for a second or two before clicking or doing anything else.

    It should be noted that clicking on the icon of a window/program that is already in focus it actually hides that window, so in your haste you may be telling the window to hide itself while it's technically in focus, but hasn't shown itself yet.

  6. Oh dear... a log is not a file that is needed to run a program unless it is a program specifically designed to read logs (to put them in a more eye-pleasing format, for instance). Logs are created as records of what a program does, including problems it encounters along the way, therefore a program won't "come with it" and if it does then the log included would be a useless one as it was most likely not generated by an identical setup.


    How did you install Forge and not have an installer log?

  7. 2 hours ago, PurePink03 said:

    the forge files are not downloading properly because the place they are trying to download from doesn't exist

    This is intentional!


    The files are supposed to already be there if you use the Forge installer, if they are not there and the launcher is trying to download them then either you did not run the installer or something went wrong.

    This is why I am asking for the installer log, it will have the name  [name of installer].log, it is generated when you run the installer and will be in the same folder as the installer unless you deleted it.


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