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Posts posted by DaemonUmbra

  1. Quote

    [0806/221134:INFO:GameCallbacks.cpp(199)] launcher/launcher (main) info Preparing to launch minecraft client for 1.13

    [0806/221134:INFO:GameCallbacks.cpp(199)] launcher/launcher (main) debug Preparing 1.13.json

    [0806/221134:INFO:GameCallbacks.cpp(199)] launcher/launcher (main) debug Got local file for 1.13.json

    This is all moot, Forge for 1.13 isn't out yet.

    For the record, to my knowledge the error that the Minecraft Client can't download the Forge jar is intentional, the Forge jar should only come from the Forge installer.

  2. Remove NotEnoughIDs, according to Lex this mod has been confirmed to muck up network handshakes, which is what is happening here.

    On 5/26/2018 at 12:52 PM, LexManos said:

    [coremods from a log]
    Remove all that shit and try again. ESPECIALLY 'NotEnoughIDs' as it is KNOWN to screw up handshakes as well as corrupt worlds.

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