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  1. To be honest this is the issue I'm seeing here, this is not directed solely at you, but you are the most recent case.


    1.7.10 and 1.8.9 are old versions and should not be used for active development, your excuse that "I've seen others use 1.8.9" is the core of a cycle that keeps these ancient versions in a zombie-like state. People see others developing for these versions and assume that they are still valid versions to use, resulting in users ignoring recent versions in favor of using old versions that may be lacking features and/or security improvements that come from later versions.


    Imagine you had developed a game and after discovering and fixing a horrendous security issue in your game you then learned that people playing your game refused to update past the version just prior to the fix, then complained about the bug while insisting you continue to support that version of the game.


    As long as people continue to use the excuse of "They are doing it so it must be ok" old versions and the bugs in them will continue to haunt users of those versions as well as those they demand assistance from.

  2. Anything you need to be called on one side or the other, but not both, is what you put in the proxy.

    For the "wrong" side you can just leave the method empty so it does nothing, just make sure you are also not importing any classes from the wrong side.

  3. 16 minutes ago, Cadiboo said:

    Can I ask how you came to that conclusion?


    Just noticed myself but

    On 7/12/2018 at 4:37 AM, HughJassX said:

     | UE    | pixelmon  | 6.3.1        | com                           | None                                     |

    com is not a jar file

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