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  1. The specific logs will be fml-client-latest and fml-junk-earlystartup I believe.


    and to clarify

    4 hours ago, Cadiboo said:

    Exact link please?

    means  "Go to the page you downloaded Forge from and copy from the URL bar, then paste it here.

  2. You can use your own credentials by using the -username and -p program arguments in your launch configuration.

    Do note that this will result in your username and password being saved in plaintext in the launch configuration files.


    I'm not sure of other methods of doing this but someone with more dev experience might chime in.

  3. If you are looking in the crash reports folder you are posting a crash report, what you have been asked for is the log, located in the logs folder, for the version of forge in the previous log you will need to post debug.log.

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