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  1. Forge has a version checker that allows your mod to notify users of available updates, I would recommend you use that.

    Granted it is not an auto-updater but it is much simpler for modders to implement and in my honest opinion easier for users to trust than a mod that downloads files without user approval.

  2. No, it’s a log to which the server/client writes entries of what it is doing and in some cases what it is doing that thing to. It’s important when the program encounters an error that it may or may not be able to skip or recover from when it makes a note of that error in the log. Information on where the log is and how we would prefer you posted it can be found in my signature (the text block below this message).

  3. The only thing I can think of is deleting and re-installing Forge.

    To do this you'll need to delete the following folders:

    (Note: I am formatting these in a way that you can paste them into File Explorer's path bar, though you will need to go one level up and delete the folder)


    After that try re-running the Forge installer (this process should not affect your launcher profile for this version as long as you do not try to start the game midway through).

  4. 22 minutes ago, jredfox said:

    if you do it the new way the methods need to be static and I am unsure if you register it with an object or class.

    Read the docs before saying anything, please.

    nocot is clearly trying to go the static eventhandler route and you are saying this method is wrong despite admitting not having done your research.


    Edit: Thread locked because OP has stated that their issue has been solved.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Jaideep Heer said:

    check out HttpUtil#getSuitableLanPort()

    Pretty sure that would get you a completely new port as the previously suitable port is now bound.


    If I may speak frankly if someone wants to run a server with friends they can use software like Hamachi to accomplish this task without altering the settings on their router or modem and this sounds to me like one of the things where if users can't put in the effort to learn and configure these things on their own (or in the case of <18 year olds as you put it jred, get permission to do so) then maybe they shouldn't be opening their computers to external connections.

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