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  1. Source: https://github.com/DaemonUmbra/Seeds-Hidden-in-Things

    Yes the mod is rather immature, it started as a gag.


    The problem I'm having is the main item is a thrown item, but doesn't render when it is thrown(right clicked).

    I am attempting to use RenderSnowball to avoid reinventing the wheel, wrapping it in a lambda for the IRenderFactory "conversion"(I have tried an anonymous IRenderFactory and had the same issue) and registering it in in my ClientProxy during PreInit as instructed by the JavaDoc comment for RenderingRegistry#registerEntityRenderingHandler.


    The entity gets constructed, ticks, and performs all its functions, I have confirmed that much.

  2. I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

    If you are asking if the installer you have can install servers for the versions you listed, NO.

    If you are asking if there are installers for those versions, possibly, I'm not sure how long ago the installer framework was made.

  3. Is it the same installer you got that log from?

    Because that is a 1.11.2 version, each forge installer only installs one version, you cannot use a 1.11.2 installer to install a 1.12.2 server.

  4. Either your server jar is corrupted or you did not rename it:

    10 hours ago, MDW01 said:

    Place it in the folder with the forge jar and rename it to 'minecraft_server.1.xx.x.jar' replace the 'x' with your version number.


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