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  1. Quote

    What happens if you use 3 vanilla cobble and 3 modded cobble?

    i dont wanna use 3 vanilla cobble and 3 modded cobble…. because my modded cobble having own stairs slabs and walls fitting in color and harvestlevel and hardness...



    The tag also makes it so that mods adding recipes that take cobblestone can work with the cobblestone from other mods, without knowing about those other mods.

    i know what tags are for… this isnt the point... it is like sandstone and red sandstone… there is no sandstone tag, but if so red sandstone would be forced to result into normal sandstone stairs and slabs… or all metals like gold and iron having a "metal" tag, so all "metal" ingots result into gold blocks….makes no sense.... only for very limited implementations… and its the same with cobblestone stairs etc


    it is good to make the lever recipe working with modded cobblestone, yeah its totally right, because the settings of the cobble are not important... but stairs slabs and walls are an other kind of block. these are specific to that texture and other settings of the cobblestone…


    i have a very dark, nearly black texture for one of my modded cobblestones, and it makes no sense to get regular cobble stairs from it, and it is not a big deal to implement fitting stairs and slabs etc...


    for a lot of these tag sensitive recipe i see the reason, this is absolutely not a question.... but these 3 cobblestone recipe implementations are not thought far enough … if the modder is to lazy giving fitting blocks, its not much work to make a tag sensitiv recipe or a recipe to craft 2x2 modded cobble into 4 vanilla cobblestones… but i think more modder would make own stairs etc, especially in 1.14, where the slabs implementation is so much easier than in 1.12


    so these 3 recipes are absolutely unnecessary and forcing the modder to make a roundabout solution, instead to make it easier

  2. yeah i agree… but this is a special case i think… its not a big deal to implement this 3 recipes by yourself, if you add own cobble…

    but now there is this issue, my recipes shown up in the recipe book, but the recipes offered by forge overrides them… idk if this is a bug in forge, but if so, is there a way to verify this?


    atm there is no way to craft custom cobble stairs from my custom cobble, except using the stonecutter or by removing my cobble from the tags

  3. oh yep, placed correctly...

    but if theyre not unnecessary, what could be the reason to force all cobblestones to result into vanilla stairs slabs and walls… its ok for tools, or the lever, the furnace…. but walls, stairs n slabs? yeah idk… this implementation lookes much more like some kind of overmotivation

  4. hi,


    since some versions, forge seems to offer tag sensitive recipes (snapshot/data/minecraft/recipes) idk when this happend, but some of these recipes override some of mine...

    cobblestone_wall, cobblestone_slab and cobblestone_stairs… These r using the tag forge:cobblestone, but this behaivor override the recipes of my modded cobblestone stuff and i cant override them again...

    i tried to change the mod loading order in the mods.toml (ordering="BEFORE, "AFTER") but nothing is working…


    so how can i override these unnecessary recipes, what makes custom cobblestone stairs etc unable to craft ?



  5. it would be nice to have this by default and "tag": "forge:shears" instead of "item": "minecraft:shears" in all loot_tables (cobweb, leaves, grass), so it is easier to use custom shears on custom leaves etc...

    if someone add new shears, they have to replace all the loot_tables and if you Play with custom shears and a mod with new trees, you have to edit all custom leaves loot_tables manually...

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  6. Im exploring the 1.14.4 way of handle items with tileentities and containers. im able to build some chests for holding items etc., but i cant figure out how to generate items like a furnace in a result Slot.

    i tried to use the insertItem method from the IItemHandler in the tick() method, but it takes no effect

    handler.ifPresent(h -> h.insertItem(4, new ItemStack(Items.IRON_INGOT), false));


    getCapability(CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY).map(h -> h.insertItem(4, new ItemStack(Items.IRON_INGOT), false));



    whats the correct way?


    thx for any hints

  7. On 8/14/2019 at 11:19 PM, Draco18s said:

    thx for showing your Code. i will try to implement something to synch the structures data on Client...

    for the isDaytime check, i simply use world.dimension.getWorldTime() == 13000 instead of !isDaytime()… it works on Client as well

  8. 18 hours ago, Animefan8888 said:

    If you need a bit more direction you need to create a custom packet using the SimpleImpl

    Thx, ive looked at it and some older mod codes… ive a first idea what to do, but ive some Questions now...

    what type of package do i have to create? and what data to send? i need to synch the Client.. so the Server data of daytime, respectively the structure data? or the container data?

    and it seems IMessage doesnt exists anymore… what type do i have to extends for my custom one? 

  9. 4 minutes ago, StitchNChill said:

    Third time's the charm ?


    There's some older threads about it floating around. For example, googling something like "force craft synchronization server client forge" I was able to find this. I haven't read it yet, and it looks like it has to do with TileEntitys, so take that with a grain of salt - but maybe it'll help get you on the right path. 


    yeah, ive found some older threads too… it is often not really helpful, if all the used classes and methods are renamed, removed or replaced in 1.14 ^^

    but thx

  10. on daytime:

    [22:06:34.727] [Client thread/INFO] [minecraft/Biome]: is Daytime:true
    [22:06:34.730] [Server thread/INFO] [minecraft/Biome]: is Daytime:true


    on night, only:

    [22:06:52.652] [Client thread/INFO] [minecraft/Biome]: is Daytime:true


    so, i think its a Server/Client synch issue...

    how to synch the Client with the Server, when i take an item from the crafting result Slot?

    i dont know anythingabout packethandling, and all documentations are pre 1.14 unfortunately

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  11. 6 minutes ago, StitchNChill said:

    This is on the moonPhaseFactor, which was originally the working method, correct? So by what your code says here , because world.isDaytime() returns FALSE, it should never get to the stack.addEnchantment(...) line:



    I would insert parentheses to deterministically decclare the order of operations. While your code seems to look fine, there may be something I'm not catching. Just a quick change, maybe it'll solve your issues.


    ((world.getDimension().getType() == DimensionType.OVERWORLD) && (moonPhaseFactor == 1.0f) && (world.isDaytime()))


    EDIT: there could be a compiler bug that doesn't appropriately perform the order of operations. here is how precedence should occur (https://introcs.cs.princeton.edu/java/11precedence/) but maybe your compiler doesn't want to play nice.


    isDaytime() Returns false…. so it shouldnt add the enchantment… yep.. BUT it does…

    till reopening the inventory, then its removed...

    im working with intellij…i dont think so, that a bug like this exists here

  12. i found some weird behaivor… if i add an isDaytime() check like this:

    float moonPhaseFactor = Dimension.MOON_PHASE_FACTORS[world.dimension.getMoonPhase(world.dimension.getWorldTime())];
    if (world.getDimension().getType() == DimensionType.OVERWORLD && moonPhaseFactor == 1.0f && world.isDaytime()) {
       stack.addEnchantment(Enchantments.BINDING_CURSE, 1);


    on daytime: the crafted item Shows the enchantment like expected...

    on nighttime: the crafted item Shows the enchantment, BUT after reopen the invontory, the enchantment and the glowing effect is gone

  13. Hi,

    im using the onCreated() method to enchant some Tools and Armor on different  conditions...

    some of these conditions are working how expected and the item is already enchanted by taking the item out of the result Slot of the craftingtable...

    others dont work like this, i have to close and reopen the inventory first, to see the enchantment and the glowing texture on the item...

    what is the case for this behaivor? do i need packethandling? but why not for the other condition?


    with this, the enchantment is showing up instant:

    float moonPhaseFactor = Dimension.MOON_PHASE_FACTORS[world.dimension.getMoonPhase(world.dimension.getWorldTime())];
    if (world.getDimension().getType() == DimensionType.OVERWORLD && moonPhaseFactor == 1.0f) {
       stack.addEnchantment(Enchantments.BINDING_CURSE ,1);


    and with this, i Need to reopen the inventory:

    BlockPos pos = new BlockPos(player);
    if (world.getBiome(pos).hasStructure(Structures.PILLAGER_OUTPOST)) {
       if (Structures.PILLAGER_OUTPOST.isPositionInsideStructure(world, pos)) {
          stack.addEnchantment(Enchantments.PROJECTILE_PROTECTION, 1);


    thx for any hints

  14. Invalid or unsupported recipe type 'minecraft:grindstone' or 'minecraft:grinding' and valid items are setted in the constructor of the GrindstoneContainer with the added Slots... any other ideas?




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