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  1. Amazing, thank you. I'll handle it from here, as for TextComponentTranslation not working, I would assume it is due to server side not being able to translate. Case closed.
  2. Is there a list of them? And their sideness? I was able to pinpoint, I guess most of them, using the tree hierarchy tool in eclipse, but I don’t remember seeing any note on side.
  3. I was actually doing all of this, but I wanted this mode to be client only (working on vanilla servers). What event is client only, or both sides (so I can use @SideOnly on it)? I actually have annotated the class and event, but it obviously haven’t solved logical sideness.
  4. I was really trying not to cross the logical sides... what else should have I done? Also any recommendation, on what should I do next? I’ll probably rewrite the code from scratch.
  5. I have tried doing System.out.println(message.getFormattedText()); but only got "chat.banana.deathInfo.death.both§r"...
  6. Strangely enough I got EntityPlayerMP from the event, but EntityPlayerSP from Minecraft.getMinecraft().player. I wanted the items doped, therefor this seemed as most appropriate event. I was doing that before and it wasn't working either. Tested once more still no avail. (even updated git)
  7. My bad, the class is annotated with @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT). Will add it to the original post. The whole mod is meant to be client only.
  8. The whole class is annotated with @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) as whole mod is meant to be client only and compatible with vanilla. I have very simple code trying to figure out how translation works: EntityPlayer player = Minecraft.getMinecraft().player; TextComponentTranslation message = new TextComponentTranslation("chat.banana.deathInfo.death.location", player.getPosition()) player.sendMessage(message) translation en_us.lang (extract) chat.banana.deathInfo.death.location=You have died at (%1) I am sure that translation file is located correctly as @LangKey annotation tra
  9. I have looked on unrelased documentation of @config (https://github.com/MinecraftForge/Documentation/pull/130) and found @LangKey as way to translate name to client's language, but I haven't found a way to do this for theirs comments. @LangKey("config.modid.common.enabled.name") @Comment("config.modid.common.enabled.decs") public static boolean enabled = true; This will produce correct name, but won't translate the @Comment.
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