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  1. Please include a log file. "latest forge" is incredibly vague when 2-3 come out a day.


    Also, explain what the error is exactly? That just looks like a laggy world renderer.




    I can't really describe it other than random chunks around me will load but not properly, they will load like 10 blocks below or above, there can be floating gravel in rows, random items together like lava,levers,pumpkins, and mob spawners floating. The way I've found out how to get rid of these is to jump into it which then my character will freeze and I log out and log back in.


    PS: I'm using minecraftforge-universal-1.4.6-

  2. It's only client side and I'm not sure if a mod is making it do it but it's getting quite annoying.


    Mods installed CLIENT:



    Mods installed SERVER:




    Here are screenshots of the error before, and after.




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