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  1. This is a channel displaying me as a DeafBlind individual playing online games (currently Minecraft)! I of course have a server where I run to do this on. Anyone is of course more than welcome to read more about it over in friendlysurvival.com!

    So why not come and join me on my gaming Vlogs?  


    Here is the first video as an intro and the current spawn!


  2. Mining can be very time consuming especially if your looking to secure lolly loads of materials. After set up though this beast of a machine of the Digital Miner will take that and other guess works out! 


    It's simple really the cube supplies power and allow the items to be pumped to spawn to be processed and sorted. While the "floating" block above it serves to chunk load the entire 32 radius then some for good measure. But that's not all it does... 

    2018-09-07_13_55_10.thumb.png.fed88bb0b99f251a993d793f2e3b5ea6.pngUnlike more "traditional" leave holes in world solutions, the miner is able to extract EXACTLY of what you need OR what you don't! So it's just mining all ores and everything else beside dirt, gravel, ALL of common rocks. So those materials gets left behind for the beneath to be as low impacting as manual caving if not even "cleaner"!  


    So where the ores and those valuables goes?... 



    As the ores goes into the machine... 


    Processed right away into TRIPLE of the ingots!  


    While the rest goes either into their respected storage or into "default" sky stone chests. Any unlucky ores will also ends up there in case I need to eventually toss it into the machine for over concurrent processing. So not a ore goes to waste! :)

  3. Long time no see! Never thought I would be at the bottom of the world before! 


    About half of the time these bedrock flames will produce a dust from EnderIO called "Infinity dusts". Check out this "heat turned up" setup... 


    I also found AE2's metorites... 


    Looks very neat but other than that those rocks are pretty limited in usage... 

    But at least... 


    They works great ANYWHERE. :) 


    I also gotten one of these bad boys... 


    It's a "power tool" but sadly it's not enchant able. :( So I grabbed my old sword and... 


    As you can whip up enchants on the demands. Literally take the guesswork and space out of the equation. So even harder enchants like Mending is not so grinding. I even took advantage of the EXP boost enchant on it's max to get the enchants even easier. 

  4. After mining for hours I figured to upgrade the ore processing by a metric ton... 


    Viola TRIPLE ingot production just like with a side order of Oxygen Gas!  Just add ores and let the machines take care of the rest in the corresponding order from ores to finished ingots! 

  5. Welcome to Friendly Survival's Vlog!  


    Where I will be sharing what we do on our server! 


    Without any further or do, so how do we get food on the table?  


    Well let's get cracking shall we?  


    What's better way to do just that then to produce some eggs? 




    According to that we should be averaging an egg once every 3 and a quarter minutes. But we going to need to a lot more than just eggs to win this shell game... 


    Bushels of wheat and plenty of veggies to follows and of course... 


    Sugar production and plenty of it! There a whole lake of it but apparently this forum doesn't like that large of a screenshot so next! 


    Once all of the ingredients are processed along with the melons and pumpkins, we can make enough sandwiches by the stacks!  


    Stay tuned for more "delicious" adventures! :)

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  6. 17 minutes ago, IP0T said:

    My PC has 8 Gigabytes of ram, the only way I can play a pack without the memory dumping every few seconds is to allocate all 8 gigabytes, can anything bad come of this?

    No organized mod pack require this amount of RAM excluding shaders and etc. Even packs like Resonant Rise and such only recommend between 4GB-6GB of RAM... 


    If your having such problems on a standard mod pack even larger one(s) like the one I mentioned above then there must be a deeper problem. 

  7. 32 minutes ago, vpontin said:

    Meh. Since the official profiles feature was introduced this should be killed with fire.

    I would argue that it still a simpler operation for adding/removing mods to boot. As far as I know that where the Vanilla launcher hits the fan. Likely due to not being geared for this purpose.   


    Ho and it's way easier to install/update Forge as well. 

  8. If your interested I just started my complete with a solid website so it shouldn't be going anywhere.  


    It's 1.12.2 and empty right now but I would be happy to stay on for some time daily.  


    Let me know if your interested and I can leave behind the link to that thread here.

  9. Welcome to Friendly Survival!   



    Server Features 

    • Everything you would expect from a solid server! Such as but not limited to 24x7 operation, regular backups, dedicated site and staffing and so much more! 
    • Friendly for everyone and lightly modded. Yet offer hours upon hours of fun, as we even have skills now! 
    • Minimal restrictions, we don't police the contents we rather police the people where needed. So you are free to burn a forest down with a fully armed flamethrower! Just as long as no one or their properties get damaged in the rampage. :)  
    • Plus so much more! 

    Mods in custom pack... 

    Please check out our main Technic posting for the "main mods" and to download too 


    Before anyone complains about the licensing, Please check the Permission tab. :)

    Interested of jumping into the action? Just download the pack above and it will take you right there on complete start up!

  10. Hi, I am curious if there any projects to intergate Namelessmc with forge based servers? As it stand it's only support plugins' based server stacks.  


    If not would it be possible for anyone to get the ball rolling for it given it's open source? So that more integrated with Forge servers?  For example to be able to sync bans and such?

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