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  1. Hello!


    I'm making this post because my efforts on using certain API's have been fruitless, and I'm getting to the point where I want to rip my hair out.


    I come from a time when I could install forgebukkit and run my bukkit plugins and not have any issues. I guess Microsoft/Mojang had a legal hissy fit and essentially shut down most server API's that worked with bukkit plugins for whatever reason, and now I'm so out of touch idk how to proceed with my server.


    Im running (yes its actually running, I still know how to setup a server) a 1.7.10 Pack server (Available on Technic Launcher) and is obviously modded Minecraft. I have tried Thermos, Cauldron, Craftbukkit, and a whole host of other things that are supposedly meant to make my bukkit plugins work.


    Now I've found out that I can use server side mods through forge that act as plugins. I guess my question is, do I simply put World Edit for forge in the mods server? Will everyone be able to use these or just admins?


    I've read and read and read and I just can't seem to get anything to work. Help would be MUCH appreciated.

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