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  1. 55 minutes ago, Yoseph123 said:

    'cubeList' has private access in 'net.minecraft.client.renderer.model.ModelRenderer

    Use .addBox method instead.


    Example code:

    this.bipedBody = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 1);

    this.bipedBody.addBox(0F, 0F, 0F, 11, 11, 11);

    this.bipedBody.setRotationPoint(-5F, -1F, -6F);


    If you are using Eclipse you can view vanilla Minecraft entity models implementation

    in "Project and External Dependencies/forge_1.15 (...) /net/minecraft/client/renderer/entity/model"
    It could be helpful.

  2. I removed this unnecessary handler but it didn't help, unfortunately.
    Should I register block tags in some way besides putting appropriate .json files in data.minecraft.tags.blocks ? 

    However, the #minecraft.planks tag is displayed in F3 mode.


    I don't register in forge objects here, but these functions only adds objects to ArrayLists in my class "PgcRegistry" and set their registry name,
    I register these objects later for example here.



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