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  1. I have added a custom shield to the game which extends the ShieldItem class. Blocking works, switching between the two models using overrides works but I can't seem to get durability for this item to work.

    Here is the custom shield item class:

    package me.crimsondawn45.survivaladditions.object.item;
    import me.crimsondawn45.survivaladditions.util.SAregistries;
    import net.minecraft.block.DispenserBlock;
    import net.minecraft.item.ArmorItem;
    import net.minecraft.item.Item;
    import net.minecraft.item.ShieldItem;
    public class SAshieldItem extends ShieldItem {
    	public SAshieldItem(Item.Properties builder) {
          this.addPropertyOverride(SAregistries.resLoc("blocking"), (item, world, entity) -> {
             return entity != null && entity.isHandActive() && entity.getActiveItemStack() == item ? 1.0F : 0.0F;
          DispenserBlock.registerDispenseBehavior(this, ArmorItem.DISPENSER_BEHAVIOR);


    And here is the instance I am passing into the .registerAll method:

    SAitems.wooden_shield = new SAshieldItem(new Item.Properties().group(ITEM).maxStackSize(1).maxDamage(100)).setRegistryName(resLoc("wooden_shield")),


    I have tried using ".defaultMaxDamage()" in the properties bulder and passing in durability directly in the item class using "getMaxUses()"

  2. I should have been more clear basically what I want to do is if you look inside the flint and steel class where it says "== Blocks.OBSIDIAN" I want to change that to if it is in a tag called nether_portal_blocks that I will create I want to add a bunch of blocks that can also be used to create a nether portal

  3. In 1.14.4 the code that decides if a nether portal should open or not is contained within the flint and steel class.


    I am wondering if there is a way to deregister the flint and steel item then reregister it still under minecraft using my class

    I have tried making an anonymous subclass but the method I need to change is a protected static. So it wont just let me

    override that method.


    I want to do this because I am trying to change how nether portal's work and I need full control of this method.

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