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  1. Thanks for you reply and thank you for the resource. So the statemapper serilializes mhhh than this is not what I have exptected. My idea was to not use a custom renderer to produce those top down chunk renderings instead using the already loaded baked textures from the models. So from what I have understand this is not quite possible and I should implement an orthographic projection camera which renders each individual chunk into a texture.
  2. Thats something I would have to experiment with. Indeed. But still, I have not come up with a method to get the texture of that Block from the BlockState. I cant find the connection between a BlockState and a IStateMapper which is mentioned inside the documentation -.-
  3. The face normal of the face I am looking for would be (0,1,0). Then I would need to iterate over each face normal and get the face id of the matching normal. Is this what you wanted to know? Or do you wanted me to know that this is impossible and I should render the chunk within a separated thread? Sorry, maybe you can clarify it for me
  4. Hello, I am trying to get the texture from a specific blockstate. I have read the documenation (https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/models/using/). I dont fully understand the part with the mapped ModelResourceLocation. How I can get access to the IStateMapper? So far I was able to get the blockstate from a block within a chunk. After that I can get the textureatlas from ModelManager modelManager = this.mc.getModelManager(); modelManager.getBlockModelShapes().getTexture(blockState); getTexture however seems to be deprecat
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