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  1. I just bought Minecraft Java Edition for my PC, and I have downloaded Minecraft Forge so I can play with Mods, because Normal Minecraft is really boring. However, I cannot find the Forge anywhere on Minecraft Launcher, everybody on the Minecraft Forum keeps telling me there's an arrow next to the play button, but I see no such thing. I'm getting kind of frustrated as I've been at this for 2 hours. If anyone knows a solution to the problem I would absolutely appreciate it. Edit: Solution has been found! I have no memory of ever downloading it, but there was a program on my PC called Express Zip File Compressor installed on the computer. What happened was that when I went as far as to open the control panel and open Forge from there, it would redirect to and then open this Express program, which would then load up the zip file as if I was viewing it in the file manager. I have since deleted Express from my computer, and Forge is working as intended. But I thank you all for the help you have provided.vidmate mobdro word counter
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