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  1. Ok Ok, so I managed to stop the sound, what I've done is stop it using the SoundEngine.stop() when I'm adding the sound to the muted sounds. My problem now is I can't make it play again when I unmute the sound.. but that's for another topic that I'll open if I can't figure out. Thanks for your help 👍
  2. Ok, that was a good idea, so the sound is properly mutted, the problem seems to be that minecarts wont trigger the PlaySoundEvent once they're placed, until they're broken or out of render.. So is any other even I could use for this?
  3. This is after the sound starts playing, I'm using the PlaySoundEvent to determine witch sounds are playing and either setting the result null or using a custom class that extends ITickableSound and setting the volume to 0. and I tried using the event.getManager().stop() for SoundEngine and event.getManager().sndHandler for SoundHandler, this inside the PlaySoundEvent class.
  4. Is it possible to mute external ITickableSounds? I'm using the PlaySoundEvent and neither setting the resultSound to null nor setting it to a new custom sound with volume 0 stops the current sounds. My primary problem comes from Minecarts, I can mute them but I have to break them an place them again in order to work, (or set the master volume to 0 and back). I've also tried SoundEngine#stopAllSounds(), SoundEngine#stop(sound), SoundHandler#stop(), etc..
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