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  1. Hey! I'm new to modding and I was just wandering how would you go about making an items with data values like wool:1 or wool:2 and have that make a difference? I have no clue how to handle data values nor create them. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! ?



    So in all the time that structure blocks have been in the game nobody has made any kind if modification to them or created a program that allows you to save structures as nbt files? That can't be true

    To me, your only real hope is to save it as a schematic using worldedit and find a schematic to nbt converter. There is a PHP script if you want (https://github.com/svilex/Minecraft-StructureConverter). I found it online but it may not be what you are looking for. If that doesn't work, then just google "schematic to nbt converter" and you are bound to find at least something to help you.

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