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  1. It doesn't seem possible for a user to delete posts.


    However, getting VSCode to work properly with Java, especially compiling and debugging, is a pain in the proverbial for most people, so i reccommend you stick to one of IntelliJ or Eclipse until you get the hang of it.

  2. It looks like some mod forgot to end the buffer after applying a transform to the world, causing the block that renders next (the door) to behave weirdly.

    I'll quickly check to see if i can narrow down which one of those mods is being weird.


    At a glance, it looks like removing Optifine isn't causing it, more that the hacks and changes that Optifine make to the game, solve it in some weird roundabout way.

    Which is, as you can guess, bad for consistency.

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  3. I can't navigate the Eclipse UI - i'm too unfamiliar with it.

    There seems to be a workable solution here, though.


    If your version of Eclipse doesn't have the Java-> dropdown, then there's another way to get to that tab;

    Properties -> Java Compiler; uncheck "Use compliance from execution environment" and change the compliance level to something really high, like Java 14. It will complain that you don't have a Java compiler capable of making bytecode that high level, and will redirect to the "Installed JREs" tab.


    Annoyingly, Eclipse calls the JDKs JREs, and it should not, for they are different, and should not be confused.

  4. Decompiling and changing a mod without the author's permission is against our "code of conduct", and is not encouraged.

    There is a public git repo of MorePlayerModels here, but it is for 1.10.2 and you're on your own to update it.


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  5. Looks to be SteveKunG's Lib causing the crash.

    It looks like it's only used by Indicatia and More Planets, which you have neither of. I can't see why you even have it installed, so better to remove it.

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