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  1. @lex: its not exactly an ID conflict when its not conflicting now is it? :P


    as to turning off the ores, i find that relying only on IC2 ore gen while having multiple mods relying on those ores makes it a lot less enjoyable to play as you need to mine a much bigger area to get enough ores to make decent progress



    personally, i dont enjoy the constant mining needed to make any progress when you have so few ingots compaired to mods using them

  2. using the ore dictionary does not really solve the issue with multiples of the same ore existing, it just makes it possible to use them all


    this little trick effectively makes the mods use the same item as the ore, meaning you no longer have 2+ half-filled stacks of 'tin' or 'copper' in your chests/inventory



    i never actually considered trying to have the item-id of a non-dictionary ore the same as that of a dictionary ore....

    from the top of my head i think that might actually 'cheat' the mods ore to be usable by mods that do support the dictionary though...

    (unfortunately it does not automaticly work in reverse! :P)

  3. its already possible for mods to support texture packs even if the textures are included into the texture pack itself

    (although i dont know if all mods make use of this option)


    as to configs, i dont think its possible because not even the location or names of those config files are 'guaranteed'

  4. I see, thats interesting. I have to admit that I haven't used the things much :) They always just seemed a bit contrived.

    it depends both on taste and on situation


    for example, if you want something to happen in case of any 2+ unique situations, it might be easier to use them because you can define each situation seperately without needing massive amounts of OR's in your if/else-if

  5. the official modding API will unfortunately be 'better' then forge simply because of one reason:

    its will be a native part of minecraft


    right now, a lot of mods and even forge need to use tricks to make it possible to do cirtain things without having to rewrite the whole game

    the modding API wont have that issue because it will be hard-coded into the game before its even released!


    personally, i think they should take the forge interface as the one available to modders, but create their own back-end coding that fits better into MC itself without having to use 'cheat' coding to work properly

  6. i have been experimenting to lower the amount of duplicate ingots caused by having multiple forge mods


    the answer was actually quite easy once i found it


    minecraft handles items diferent from blocks, if you assign 2 blocks to the same ID it gives an error

    if you do the same with items though, it overwrites the first item with the second


    this overwrite quirk is what i used to my advantage, i assigned the bronze, tin and copper ingots from both forestry and IC2 to the same item ID's

    the result is that both forestry and IC2 give & use that same item without any troubles, no matter if the ore is smelted or macerated!


    Note: I tried having redpower combine to, but because redpower uses metadata for its ores this was unfortunately not possible



    this little trick should work for any other duplicate items that do not rely upon metadata



    WARNING: if trying this trick with items that have special left/right-click coding, this might cause your minecraft to crash! so backup saves before trying this with such items!

  7. Now if their IQ is so high then why would they tell me to replace (byte) with (short) in just my BiomeGenMybiome? Even a noob modder would know that wouldn't work because BiomeGenBase's constructor is built with (byte)


    and they told you to replace byte with short, just because you thought it only applied to the code you shared is not their problem...

    cause if a noob modder knows a short cant be cast to a byte, you also imply they understand they have to use shorts in the first place....

  8. Well, actually the main issue is that all of the world generation is encoded into a byte array.

    Someone should look into what exactly would need to be changed for world gen to use a short array as opposed to a byte array.

    Its in quite a few files.

    Seems the start of it is ChunkProviderGenerate.providceChunk, and touches all BiomeGen classes, as well as all the other world generation classes...

    It would be quite a large change.

    Not to mention throwing compatibility right out the window with any non-forge mods.

    I think the simplest soltution for now, is to either do your world gen stuff in the populatChunk callback.

    Or to make sure your world-gen blocks are < 256



    I can not make the blocks that are generating <256. My mod is for my personal server and we have had this map for a LONG time and I have filled every possible ID <256, therefore i can't, I'm sure I have stated this before. Compatibility is not my problem, I'm trying to enforce incompatibility. Also these biomes I'm trying to create are for my new Dimension. I have a ChunkProvider all set up for my dimension except my only problem is that my biomes don't generate their perspective top and filler blocks and my "stone" for the world gens as coal ore, as the ID for it is 528 came here to the forums to see if i could get help, all I've got is being screamed at with no real help..well except for hotrod..


    compacted answer:


    1) the generator currently does not support values above 256

    2) its possible to custom rewrite the generator to do so, but its a lot of work

    3) doing so for forge would most likely cause non-forge mods to become incompatible

    4) hotrods is trying to solve your problem in a way that #3 does not happen


    the reason people scream is because you are using dirty code, and the people here have a to high IQ to comprehend not everyone is as smart as they are

  9. We are 197.6 pickels done out of 1.2269 dogs complete.

    Take from that what you will.

    omg, i did not know forge ran on pickels! no wonder minecraft is so sour when mods fail!  :o

    well, i better go buy some dog biscuits to make my minecraft happy again!


    honestly people, forge will be ready when forge is ready, asking when is pointless cause lex probably does not know for sure either!

    and a 'percentage complete' would not work, for optifine it was stuck at 98% for days, how does that show its almost done????


    if you all miss your damned MC mods so badly, downgrade to 1.2.5 and play on that! *glares*

  10. unfortunately, this forum is the wrong place for an FML suggestion


    while forge comes bundled with FML, FML itself is not part of forge, and is depeloped seperately

  11. I'd also like to see this added in, and i also only like using Forge as an API, too much work for players to add a list of APIs. That's why i was happy to see it dropping dependencies.

    the dependencies were dropped because that is exactly what they were, dependencies

    forge does not depend on dimensionAPI to work


    of course, i am not against it, i am just warning you not to expect it anytime soon, or possible not at all due to the modAPI

  12. from what i can tell, it for some reason fails to detect if RP2 and BC are installed

    it might be you installed them in the wrong order into the jar or did not assign the correct names in the mods folder

    unfortunately without more info from those 2 locations, this issue cannot be fixed


    as it is not a forge issue, this is not the correct location to have it solved

    please find the correct area (the tubestuff topic on MCF) to get this issue fixed

  13. Generate a universal binary package since we can now :)


    Sounds particularly good :)


    Will it be possible to ship a single mod for client and server or will obfuscation stop that?

    i think it would depend on what the mod does, after all, the server does not need to render anything, so if the mod includes custom rendering, a seperate server mod would be better to lower CPU usage on the server


    i do believe that you will still need to make 2 seperate mods eventually, but the shared code between those mods will be more in the direction of 90% instead of what it is now

  14. i concur, if you truely find it to be trouble, it should be easy for you to create wrappers for those functions


    i even say that if you truly have so many blocks&items to register, that you not having a wrapper to simplify registering is fools coding


    As Lex said before, the Forge API now uses an annotation based system to do so called hooks and things. More efficient. Hopefully Lex will explain to us after the update and give us an example of how this works.


    Yeah I knew about the annotation system, was just curious to know if there were any new methods being put in for us to make use of rather than a general change to the API



    But thanks for the reply anyway

    i think he's most likely going to be working on getting it changed over and 1.3 compatible before working on any new stuff, doing that on top of everything else would just delay the release of forge to long

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