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  1. Hello everyone,


    Today I come here to show you how I use Minecraft Forge.

    I am a French developer, who has always loved Minecraft, and like all developers MOD, I told myself that some things missing from the game. That's why I decided to put me to develop MODS, specifically ONE MOD, which will bring together all the additions that I offer to Minecraft players to improve their game experience.


    But what really brings me here is that I would like to share this passion with streaming.

    Indeed I present you today my Twitch channel for those who would like to see what I do, how I do, especially for those who would like to ask me questions.


    Zifiv's Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/Zifiv


    In addition to developing for Minecraft, I make my own video games, I would be delighted to share those too.


    Despite my English a bit poor, I will try to answer you as best I can, and if I can help you, it will be with great pleasure, and live!


    So I hope to see you, to spend some time.


    Feel free to subscribe to my Twitch to be up to date on stream moments. And if you want to support me you can donate.


    Very friendly,



    Zifiv's Website: http://www.zifiv.fr/

    Zifiv's Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/Zifiv


    PS: Sorry for my english if it is bad :/

  2. Firstly, I want to apologize if my english is bad, I'm a french developer who are not good with all others languages.



    [spoiler=1. What is Live at Blocks ?]

    Live at Blocks is my big project into Minecraft.

    Firstly it was just a Youtube channel, Live at Blocks on Youtube where I create videos about big constructions in time elapses. In a short time I recovered a lot of subscribers and my channel was at the highest level. But after the festivities, I've not had no more time to live my channel and little by little I lost many fans.

    So, I create a Minecraft Server with beautiful maps and specials plugins with Bukkit. But many times my Minecraft Server was DDOS, and for that, I stop it.




    [spoiler=2. And what is Live at Blocks Network ?]

    Live at Blocks Network is the remake of my Live at Blocks. My objectif, create a big community around of Minecraft Server, WebSite community, Youtube channel (videos) and Mods.

    But the two firsts objectives is, the server and the website community. In fact, I already create a mod with Bukkit server, who are not public, to redefine the gameplay in Minecraft. I create a mod to create a server like Overcast Network. Why I create a type of server who are already created... because I'm french, and the french community of Minecraft is big, and this server is in English. I want to create my French community like Overcast Network.




    [spoiler=3. Why create a mod ?]

    This mod with Forge, is created for all people, and it will be translated into english language. I already create a big mod, I prefere named it by "UPDATE", who contains MANY, MANY features on Minecraft. Look this old PlanetMinecraft page : http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/the-live-at-blocks-update-/.

    But this "UPDATE" are not realy a mod, because it modify directly the .jar file of Minecraft. That's why I recreate this mod with Forge :) !




    [spoiler=4. All Features]

    In this section you can see all Features who are CREATED (not PLANIFIED or others), soon a website will be create (http://www.liveatblocks.eu/wiki/) it will be contains all features (Implemented, Upcoming, Removed, Unimplemented) and with more details.



    Soon, for the moment you can see "6. How can you contribute ?" section to see the avancement and all feature who will be done in the first version.




    Soon, for the moment you can see "6. How can you contribute ?" section to see the avancement and all feature who will be done in the first version.




    No one for the moment.




    No one for the moment.






    [spoiler=5. All Releases]

    Lasted Build

    No one for the moment.

    Recommended Build

    Live at Blocks Network V1.0.0-F1.7.2 SOON (see the advancement : https://github.com/beaucoralk/labnetwork-public/issues?milestone=1'>https://github.com/beaucoralk/labnetwork-public/issues?milestone=1)



    No one for the moment.






    [spoiler=6. How can YOU contribute ?]

    You can contribute to my mod for adding your idea with the GitHub public page of it. Into this page you can also see the advancement of all version of Live at Blocks NETWORK.

    To contribute and create a new Issue for add your idea or a bug, create a GitHub account, login you, and go to : https://github.com/beaucoralk/labnetwork-public/issues




  3. So I found a solution to do that.

    When someone right click to my block entity, I get the Entity for this Block if my variable who containing the name of owner is empty, I set the owner to this player :) !


    But... I prefere your solution, because with my, if I don't right click now into the block, someone else can be the owner... and it's not good... Thank u too again for your help :) !

  4. Looks good now. You can replace the .getClass() == XY.class check with an instanceof XY, that is going to perform better and looks nicer.


    I've a question, why the function "onGuiClosed()" is called when I open my custom Gui ?

    Because you are opening the GUI twice, once on the client, once on the server (

    get's called both sides). You should only open on the server, it will then tell the client to open.

    Ok thanks realy big thanks for your help !!


    I was wondering if you could help me to progress my plugin by testing when the versions are finished? U can see all features and the advancement to my github and on the plugin repo for my mod : https://github.com/beaucoralk/labnetwork-public/issues

  5. Done !!!


    I help me by this page : http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Netty_Packet_Handling

    and this topic : http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=17242.0


    I change my gist if someone want help about subject : https://gist.github.com/beaucoralk/11235143


    In fact, we need to create a packet for send a modification of an item... it's strange, why minecraft don't already have a packet when changing a itemstack ? or I don't see it...

    I create a PacketPipeline class, a PacketChangeItemStack class who read a decode a buffer ItemStack and encode a ItemStack to buffer.

    And I use my PacketPipeline to send a new PacketChangeItemStack, and it's work fine :) !

  6. You are changing the ItemStack from the GuiScreen. GuiScreen is only on the client side, but you need to change things on the server side. You will need to send packets.

    Realy big thanks for your help diesieben07.

    How and where ? Where in my GuiScreen I'm changing the ItemStack ? I changing the content of ItemStack into my Container who are used by the "public Object getServerGuiElement".

    U can use my gist (modifiy) to show me :) !

  7. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1412300-147forgeblaueseichoerns-gui-tutorial/


    Under the spoiler gui there should be an itemstack tutorial.

    Thanks for you help but my problem it's not than I can't open a gui on a Right Click of ItemStack your link don't help me more. Look my code into the gist to understand my problem !

    My problem it's that, after Right Click on my Item (ItemPlan) I want to change the properties of this Item who are RightClicked with my Gui, like a ItemBook, and I don't arrive to change it...


    I think the problem it's the GuiHandler I don't do the good thing...


    Someone else can help me ?

  8. Hello all,


    I need your help for create a custom "GuiContainer" applied on an "ItemStack" with a Right Click. For my exemple, it's a "ItemStack" (item Plan) who will contain many others "ItemStack" to make a plan. I want use the "NBTTagCompound" of this item plan to save all the "ItemStack" who are containing into my item plan.


    Here, my code : https://gist.github.com/beaucoralk/11235143


    I realy need your help, because when I change the NBTTagCompound of my item in my Container, It don't change in real...

    Please help me !


    Sorry for my bad english.

    Minecraftly, Kevin BEAUCORAL.

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