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  1. 7 hours ago, DaemonUmbra said:

    From what I can tell it's because of the issue in which you seemed to take the stance of legitimizing runtime-generation of loot tables via event rather than datapacks and thus blame Forge for not enabling such practices to coexist.

    Do you mean this issue?: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/issues/7366

    Well, it's not impossible, but should it would be extremely amusing to discover it really is the true cause. I didn't have to take any stance there. the thing is that LootTableLoadEvent in question existed in Forge for the long time already, and many mods did and still do rely on it for adding custom loot, so at the time diesieben07's claim that it's basically deprecated was a little disappointing. Even more so that implementation of this event suffered a critical issue all along, with there being no distinguishing between vanilla-overriding datapacks embedded in mods and standalone datapacks doing the same, since event was not fired in both cases. I hope I don't have to explain why the case where mod directly overrides vanilla datapack within it's own one is incorrect implementation on the side of whoever makes that mod, and why it can cause a crap ton of issues to other mods, while also being quite a frustrating thing to debug in large modpacks, as much as it was a frustrating thing to deal with countless bug reports on problems that your mod is not responsible for.

    In my last comment on that issue left later on I said something like "Does this piece of code count as an insult? I hope it counts as an insult." and linked this piece of code over there: [link removed - diesieben07]
    ...which was a way I resorted to in order to deal with that issue once and for all in my mod. The reason I did this was partly to express my disagreement, and mostly to leave it as a clue for someone who may stumble upon this issue eons later, should they find themselves facing the exact same problem. Later in November I discovered that this comment of mine was deleted and conversation was locked.

    I mean, perhaps it wasn't the admiration that I showed off, but dare you tell me I was outright offensive. My comment was not directed towards someone in particular, and all it did was expressing a bit of criticizm towards this one implementation of one feature in all of the Forge. Having witnessed the deletion of my comment, I shrugged and just moved on with my life, as everyone else did, and ever since November there wasn't anything else that this case would bring up, It's only a couple days ago that I discovered being blocked from MinecraftForge repos, so I didn't even guess initially that those two events could be linked.

  2. I have no idea if this is a correct place to ask, but my question in #tech-support on Forge discord was unfortunately ignored, so I must assume forum is the place.

    So, basically, this have happended:
    Just yesterday I out the blue discovered that I cannot comment on any repositories owned by MinecraftForge, nor can I react, star, fork and do similar actions. I initially assumed it might be a temporary bug of some kind, but turns out other users didn't experience any issues like this, and it persited until today, so that's unlikely.

    My username on GitHub is identical to that on this forum, if it matters.

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