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  1. On 2/16/2021 at 2:08 PM, anonymusdennis said:

    What kind of wifi connection are you using If it is a public wifi or has some kind of proxy I would suggest you to try again with an active vpn connection;

    That would be my suggestion



    also i would suggest you to not share any gradle scans because they contain all the information of your pc like your Ip adress, username and computer components 


    This is not very safe please yust paste the needed logs and infos on a site like pastebin.com and then share that link so that you can be sure not to share any critical data


    Okay, thank you! I didn't see you replied up-to now unfortunately, but, I fixed the error by getting a friend of mine with a better internet to download the assets and send me the missing files. As for the gradle scan, thank you so much for letting me know! I edited that out since the problem is already fixed! :)

  2. I recently wanted to start modding, so, according to a tutorial, I got the MDK. As the tutorial used Eclipse instead of IntelliJ IDEA (The IDE I use), I followed what was in the 'README.txt'. It said to import the project using the 'build.gradle' and then run the command 'gradlew genIntellijRuns' (I use 1.16.3 - 35.1.4[The latest recommended download I could find]). The first part was fine - After a lot of downloading, it said 'BUILD SUCCESSFUL', and all the Gradle tasks also loaded. Then I ran the command. I got the 'Hash failed' error for some files. Then as in the README, I ran it again with --refresh-dependencies. Still gave the same error. Then I ran it from the Gradle tab in IntelliJ. Still the same error. I ran it from command line. Same error. I ran 'gradlew clean' and did it again. Still same. I deleted the forge_gradle caches. and ran the command again. Same error. As I don't quite understand gradle, I don't know how to manually fix this. Can anybody help? Thank you!


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