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  1. You already found this thread: https://forums.minecraftforge.net/topic/103403-player-pos/?tab=comments#comment-475330. You have not tried anything that was suggested there.
  2. MinecraftServer#getAllLevels However you can just use WorldTickEvent and not bother with looping through the world list.
  3. What you posted looks like the latest.log, not debug.log. It also does not show any error, but a successful join of a single player world. Please answer this question.
  4. This is why the MDK comes with a properly configured .gitignore file. Did you run genEclipseRuns? I don't use Eclipse, but your Repository works fine in IntelliJ.
  5. The event has a addWidget method. Also one correction, you need to use InitGuiEvent.Post.
  6. You do it. Then immediately after you post the debug.log.
  7. The client was just stopped in the middle of the login procedure. This caused the connection to time out on the server side. The error you see only shows on the server list screen. It only applies to the "is this server compatible?" check that is seen there.
  8. You should really consider not doing this. If multiple mods do this, the menu will quickly become completely unusable. Why do you want to do this? If you must add a button to an existing screen against all advice then you need to use GuiScreenEvent.InitGuiEvent.
  9. Post the exact path to the config file you deleted. And please post the debug.log.
  10. Sorry, I mistyped. I meant changelog. You can find it on their downloads page: https://optifine.net/downloads.
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