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  1. I am very new to this, and all the terms are very foreign to me. I apologise if my previous post was unclear. From what I gathered backport means implementing features from a new update to an older version of minecraft, yes? I understand it is not running Forge on 1.17, I am just wondering if it is worth using the mod just to get some 1.17 features?  Or is it better to wait for the Forge update in case the mod causes complications?

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  2. Hi all, I am very new to using mods with Minecraft (also a bit of a computer illiterate), and would like some clarification. I understand that the 1.17 version of Forge is not out yet, and being worked on. Not complaining, happy to wait.

    Then I came across a Caves and Cliffs backport mod. I think that means it applies the 1.17 updates to Forge 1.65? If that is so, my question is, is it safe to use the mod, or is it better to just wait for Forge? Like I said, happy to wait, especially if backporting is something that can cause problems.

    Any advice for this noob would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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