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  1. I don't know what mod that is. This is my modlist https://pastebin.com/gQhxbsMA
  2. I open up my world, play for it for sometime but after about an est. 1000 blocks traveled, I get frequent lag spikes. At first I thought it was just the chunk I was in. But after moving far away, it still happened. I was getting less than 5 fps and I had frequent "not responding". While Minecraft never crashed, the game was basically unplayable. Can someone help me
  3. https://zerobin.net/?e7b1c96883cdb0bd#jRFcUDqvqwA29XWkYXOQZT6ZEkyDVMbmspuBoTV67hg= Heres the log
  4. list.txt I get this error every time I rejoin a world. I've included my modlist. I do not have any datapacks. I am able to create a world and play it, but as soon as I exit and rejoin, it errors.
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