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  1. A while ago, I noticed that If I leave my pc open for a bit (Until the gradle Daemon terminates it self timeout). Now IntelliJ needs a new daemon to run the operation, but instead it just doesn't manage to run. I have to restart my whole machine..

    Getting Spammed With this:-

    Last gradle process just crashes with Address already in use: Cannot bind.

    And now gradle is all over my pc:-

    PLEASE HELP! It takes 20% of my memory and sometimes causes the pc to crash.

  2. Here is what I tried:-

    private void doSmoothYawTurn(float yaw, float pitch, EntityPlayer player) {
            if (player.rotationYaw <= 180F) {
                for (int i = (int)player.rotationYaw; i != yaw ; i++) {
                    player.rotationYaw = i;
            } else {
                for (int i = (int)player.rotationYaw; i != yaw ; i--) {
                    player.rotationYaw = i;
            player.rotationPitch = pitch;

    But sadly, The game just freezes.

  3. 51 minutes ago, Luis_ST said:

    you still haven't understood how the forum works, right?
    there are people here from all over the world, and not everyone is familiar with everything, so wait till someone knows an answer

    i'm not much familiar with vector calculation, but in addition to the things diesieben07 told you
    take a look at the EnderEyeEntity, it use the same logic, it always fly to the next Stronghold,
    copy the logic and replace the Stronghold pos with the Player pos

    TYSM works like a charm now.

  4. How can I scan for nearby mobs? The mod is client side. I want to play a sound if an elderman is nearby. How can I achieve this?


    I already have my clientTickEvent method. Just not sure how to get nearby mobs and check if they are endermen.

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