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  1. Befor u get mad. I readed every thing on the site en did my best to solve te problems without going to make a new topic.


    the 1.17.1 forge version u put on download, i tryed on my game and i have java 8, so i did go check the topics for the java and all stuff on here.

    But the forge wont start and stays craching while the previous version works fine. As i sayed i checked the things on here for the java and even add the rule u put in the topic for the java 16.

    Tryed again and still crashes the game and wont start at all.


    add pic to show what i mean.


    u can see all 3: java about, edit the json file with the 2 new rules, the game with the crash screen.


    hope this will besolved soon.

    as i sayed dont get mad, i readed every thing and i also saw that u know about some stuff and that there is no need to make a topic for it,

    but i dont know if this problem u are working on or already know, so i only want to help with this topic.


    if needed/know just remove the topic.


    with friendly greets Marobs, Big fan and forge user




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