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  1. I dont know if this is the right place to ask this, but how does the servos from the Thermal mods work? Im asking this because they are only placed in pipes (itemducts and fluiducts) but if you right click the duct itself nothing happens. Like, are the servos a different block? Im asking how are they done in general, how can they have a different hitbox and events etc

  2. Im trying to learn how to do some kind of pipe that can connect to the 6 sides, and change color depending on some variables. I also want to be able to right click the pipe with another item and add modify the pipe model to add that (Like the thermal dynamic itemducts with servos). 

    So i think that i need to generate the pipe model (VoxelShape etc) and texture at runtime? Because if it has 6 sides and the 6 sides can have said item its like a lot of combinations to make a blockmodel json right? 

    I might be in a completly wrong path, ive never done this kind of dynamic block so i have no idea of where to begin. Any help appreciated. Forge 1.16.4

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