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  1. Dear ladies and gentlemen , today I want to immerse you to the new world of thaumcraft 7 and we need your help Difficult development of the mod has been going on for 1 year! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Annocument Anyone who reads this post could help us in devoloping: You may suggest different ideas. Doing concept arts. Identify beta bugs(when beta will apear). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discord For more information you can join our discord. There are The newest devoloping progress in the #devoloping channel. One mini LP where The one of our member will show Thaumcraft's mystical world and renewed texutures , mechanics , fitches etc. in the #youtube channel. Also we have 8 lingual community: English Deutche Русский Italiano Polskie Français Português 日本 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Possible quetions You might ask these questions: Who let you develop this mod? 1.We have official approval by Azanor. Are you a real TC developer? 2.No im not TC devoloper. Who then is your TC devoloper? 3.It is Andrey Vilange.You can dm him in our discord server --- @Andrey Vilange. How can I play with it? 4. Now TC is in alpha , alpha it is only for our members , but when BETA will apear any user of our discord server will be able to try it. How can I join in your team? 5.It depens on you what are your abilities,what you can do for our project etc. FABRIC ? FORGE? 6.Forge. When will beta be? 7.it will be out soon. Thanks everyone who read this post we realy belive that you can upgrade our mod and if we realy made you interested in you can share this post to your friends It truly help us with the promotion of our project.
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