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  1. I launched the game , go in the world , but it tells me I can't because there is an error , in the console the errors are :

    Couldn't read tag list minecraft:needs_iron_tool from minecraft:tags/blocks/needs_iron_tool.json in data pack main
    com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: Missing values, expected to find a JsonArray

    Couldn't load tag minecraft:mineable/pickaxe as it is missing following references: minecraft:mdg.ruby_block (from main)

     Missing required tags: ResourceKey[minecraft:root / minecraft:block]:minecraft:mineable/pickaxe

    so the problem seems to be in pickaxe and needs_iron_tool but they should both be fine o.O

    And hope you get replies on your thread , I can't help you with that i'm a complete noob as you can see 

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