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  1. Is it wrong using the better version even if you still paid for it? It actually was a gift, I wont annoy my best friend for it, I have the right of using the game, is not fair they just screwed their own game. My best friend payed for the switch version too and crashed a lot, so when we wanted to play together we chosed to use Launcher Fenix because WE ALREADY PAID THE GAME. 

  2. I play using Launcher Fenix as is easier for me to use but lately is giving me problems. Everything I got from the game to the Forge is to the latest version. Every time I try to initiate with forge it shows up exit code 1 and says the following:  "Searching native records to erase... Erasing C:/Users/andyp/Roaming/.minecraft/versions/1.17.1-forge-37.035/1.17.1-forge-37.0.53-natives-3209462692200"

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