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  1. Survival Island MC is a super chill Minecraft server with quality of life plugins to make your experience better.

    We specialize in the Minecraft Island game mode, allowing all players to create their own Minecraft Survival Island!

    We hope to provide
    - Safe and welcoming community
    - Interesting take on Minecraft
    - Fast ticket responses
    - Regular new content

    MINECRAFT ISLAND: Our first and only persistent game mode, will you make it to the top island?

    Connect via Minecraft Multiplayer.

    No Mods. Play Today at play.survivalislandmc.com

    How to Play: https://survivalislandmc.com/play

    Website: https://survivalislandmc.com

    How to play without searching for Minecraft Island seeds?
    Connect to our Multiplayer server at play.survivalislandmc.com. You will get your own Minecraft Island world. No mods or installations!

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