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  1. This forum thread has only answered 1 of my 3 questions. I don't expect instant results but I need quicker help. I always see that modders post on how to contact them through IRC. My question is: What is IRC and how do I use it? How do I contact a modder through IRC? Idk why I can't figure it out, but anyway I need help.

  2. I'm working on an armor myself,  and I sort've have an irrelevant question :P how did you set the custom Crafting Material?  the default is null, and so I keep getting null pointer exceptions, but I don't know where to change this =D


    This is my getArmorTextureFile:

    public String getArmorTextureFile(ItemStack par1){
    	if(par1.itemID == mod_MoreStuff.RubyHelmet.itemID||par1.itemID == mod_MoreStuff.RubyChestplate.itemID||par1.itemID == mod_MoreStuff.RubyBoots.itemID){
    		return "/mods/Water World/textures/armor/ruby_1.png";
    	if(par1.itemID == mod_MoreStuff.RubyLegs.itemID){
    		return "/mods/Water World/textures/armor/ruby_2.png";
    	return "/mods/Water World/textures/armor/ruby_2.png";


    Excuse my noob-ness but what crafting material are you referring to? I can't send you code because I'm at school but I can answer answer from memory if possible. By the way, I solved my problem in this question Monday.

  3. I've been wanting to do custom blocks for some time now but there are no good tutorials for it! And if there is a tutorial, it's from 1.3... Can anyone here explain how to do it? Show me some code, or a least link me to a decent tutorial? I would be very grateful! Also, you can link me to open source mods that do custom rendering. 1.5 tutorials would be nice, since all texture methods changed. Thank you very much. :)

  4. I got the in-game armor to appear just now by putting it in /modname/textures/armor/armor_1/.png


    The icons for the items still wont show...


    How do i setup the updateIcons method for armor? Or do I even use that?

  5. In 1.5, the file structure for textures changed. I know that blocks and item textures go into [modname]/textures/blocks or items.


    My simple question is: Where would Armor go? Icons in /items? Also, the actual in-game armor, does it go into a new folder or what?

  6. Basically, I want to create custom armor. I'm having problems with getting the textures to appear. I've tried several different solutions but I seem to lack the basic knowledge.


    I need to see a working 1.5 "public String getArmorTextureFile(ItemStack itemstack)" method. That is for the in-game armor right? Not the Icon?


    Also, I need to see a working method that loads the icons.


    I also need to know where the textures for the armor and the icon need to go. I do have a custom directory for all my textures.


    1.5 has messed up all tutorials(1.4.7), and I have resorted to here for help.


    Thanks for Any Replies!!  ;D


    PS: I don't want to post any code because I don't believe it is necessary. I will post code if required.

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