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  1. If you are using intellij , try installing the minecraft development kit addon and then make a new project there

    It will automatically get quite a bit of stuff done for you, while it "might not be good for beginner" (said by some people in spigot forum cuz you don't learn how to configure things properly), it actually does a lot of stuff perfectly for you , so just "copy homework".


    The addon is self-intuitive enough so I wont guide you through how to use it here

  2. So basically I was porting my mod Signpic from 1.16 to 1.18. I don't know what did I do wrong but the code here just doesn't work. (It should render a image in the world)

    All the textures are confirmed to be downloaded and all the RenderInfo objects confirmed to be created  (Checked with System.out.println)


    This is the 1.16 code (this code works fine in 1.16)


    This is the code I modified to 1.18

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