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  1. ok nervermind then i really dont know ... what modpack are you trying to run ? And if its Custom what a Mod list would be helpful.
  2. Not an Expert on DataPacks but i would try to remove all DataPacks (world/datapacks) from the server and put them in one by one to find the one that causes the issue. And Backup the World just in case.
  3. This Line seems to cause it. [29Mar2023 15:03:31.633] [main/WARN] [net.minecraft.server.Main/]: Failed to load datapacks, can't proceed with server load. You can either fix your datapacks or reset to vanilla with --safeMode
  4. Hey, I made a shield with an nbt tag (durability) that gives setMaxDamage() the new value which, works totally fine on Singleplayer but not on a Server somehow. While the Client shows that the durability was updated(with Tooltip mod) it actually doesn't get updated on the server side and the shield breaks in few hits. How do i sync them? I Tried using readNBTShareTag() & getNBTShareTag() but don´t know how they work... Code:
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